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Pools & Spas - Eco safe cleaning products for safer swimming - Hygieia-San, Australia

Pool, Spa & Ice Eco-Friendly Solution Australia & New Zealand

Pool, Spa & Ice Bath Sanitiser Solution

We have proven it; what's good for the planet is good for the pool.

Pools & Spas

Public swimming pools and spas have always been a recipe for bacteria and microorganisms, ready to trap the unwary. Add the complications of today's post-COVID-19 world and anyone responsible for the hygiene and safety of pools and spas needs a realistic, highly effective solution to their sanitation needs.

So if your business relies on fail proof hygienic protection, Hygieia-San has the perfect mix of innovative, cutting-edge scientific efficacy and eco-friendly "softness" and care for the environment. Firstly, the science: Huwa-San products use a silver hydrogen peroxide solution that stabilises the hydrogen and makes it twenty times stronger and safer than regular products...and also makes it the most efficient and effective solution available. In fact, it kills 99.999% of harmful microorganisms and helps prevent reinfection - because the hygienic disinfection of water is vital - all without altering pH levels.


Furthermore, Huwa-San products are superior to chlorine, which creates cariogenic by-products such as trihalomethanes when reacting to organic water. And unlike chlorine, the Huwa-San range is non-corrosive, odour-free, colour-free and taste-free, so it doesn't irritate your customers' eyes or promote ear infections, dry skin, or cause damage to hair and swimsuits. It can be used with total confidence in indoor or outdoor pools, whirlpools, heated spas, hot tubs and saunas...and all their surrounding surfaces and materials.

Next, environmental credentials: Huwa-San products are 100% biodegradable, yet still kills 99.999% of potentially harmful microorganisms. Most of all, it's safe, dependable, free of nasty residues, and you can pass Hygieia-San's scientifically proven guarantees along to your customers and staff.

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Pools & Spas - Eco safe cleaning products for safer swimming - Hygieia-San, Australia


  • No colour, odour or taste

  • Superior stability

  • Effective against "enveloped" and "non-enveloped" viruses

  • "No-rinse" surface disinfection

  • Long term protection against bacteria, viruses, fungi & algae, and ideal for legionella control

  • EN 1276 | EN 1650 | EN 1397 | EN 14476

  • Biofilm removal and prevention

  • Environmentally friendly​

  • Is the most efficient and effective disinfectant - save time and money

  • Free of chlorine, quats/nomonia and alcohol

  • Globally approved

  • Highly effective against bactericide, fungicide and virucide

Recommended Products


Huwa-San TR-3 Surface. 100% safe and biodegradable disinfectant for pool and spas


Huwa-San TR-50. 100% safe and biodegradable disinfectant for pool and spas
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