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Safe, eco-friendly disinfectants for the home - Hygieia-San, Australia

Household Cleaning Solution New Zealand

Household Cleaning Solution

If your family relies on you... you can rely on us.

In The Home

In today's world, what could be more important than protecting your home and your family from germs and bacteria? After all, for most of us the home is the centre of family life and is the one place above all others that should remain safe for your loved ones, friends and dependents.


So it goes without saying that you'd want to protect your family from diseases and infections, with your kitchen and bathroom being two notable danger spots. This is where Hygieia-San can help. Hygieia-San combines cutting edge science with the environmental care inherent to a range of planet-friendly, odourless, non-toxic, food-safe, 100% biodegradable disinfectant products.


Huwa-San is formulated to deep-clean, disinfect and decontaminate all the many surfaces, floors, walls and materials of your home. Water-based, non-corrosive and chemically stable, Huwa-San products kill 99.999% of the household microorganisms that can cause your family harm, all without resorting to harsh additives such as bleach...and without staining, causing odours, or leaving behind a residue. Even the packaging is biodegradable.

That's because Hygieia-San's entire range seeks to protect you and those closest to you through a combination of "head" and "heart" - through both science and care. We have an international track record of producing science that keeps you safe without compromising on hygiene, while retaining the human care needed to create products that don't come at the expense of your family's - or the planet's - future.

So now you can disinfect with certainty and kindness; and if your family relies on you, you can rely on Hygieia-San.

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Keep your family healthy with eco-friendly disinfectants - Hygieia-San, Australia


  • The most efficient and effective disinfectant - save time and money

  • Free of chlorine, quats/nomonia and alcohol

  • Globally approved antibacterial

  • Biofilm removal and prevention

  • Kill or slow the growth of bacteria, fungi, viruses, spores and algae

  • Improved water quality

  • Environmentally friendly​

Recommended Products


Huwa-San TR-3. 100% safe and biodegradable all purpose disinfectant for home
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