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Hygieia San. High efficacy disinfection that is gentle on the planet.

Your gateway to high efficacy disinfection that is gentle on the planet.

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About Us

With a proud history of scientific innovation that's friendly to the planet, Hygieia-San is your gateway to a suite of products that unite high efficacy with a desire to nurture the future, putting your good intentions to work.

Hygieia-San is the sole importer and distributer of Huwa-San across Oceania. Our vision is to create a clean  and healthy without compromising on efficacy. All products are 100% biodegradable, non-staining, non-corrosive and non-toxic.

Hygieia-San protects with head and heart, through science and care. We help keep your clients and customers safe so your business can focus on service and success by providing eco-friendly hygiene products that can be applied across all industries.

We are focused on delivering high-end, cost-effective and eco-friendly disinfection products and foggers, making it easy for you to manage safety within your current environment. The aim is to make you more effective while saving money.

Hygieia-San supplied one of the safest disinfectants on the market, in addition to providing foggers that allow you to disinfect a whole room in minutes, eradicating pathogens on all surfaces.

"We believe that small actions embraces by many can make a huge difference... making our living and workplaces 100% secure and safe from all viruses and diseases."

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Support & Maintenance Service

Quality Assurance - trusted worldwide since 2004. 100% guaranteed on our certified and approved products.

Online Ordering - speed up and simplify your ordering processes with the Hygieia-San online ordering system. It's quick, easy and accurate.

OH&S Support - we have you covered with our OH&S support resources to assist in complying wtih Occupational Health and Safety Guidelines and Government regulations.

Customer Service - trust in the Hygieia-San certified global team. They'll consistently deliver on our promise and are available 24/7 on the phone or online.

Training - we will work to establish the appropriate training for your employees, plus tutorial videos to augment changes in those needs.

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