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The First and Best Hydrogen Peroxide Disinfectant

Innovative, multi-application hygiene protection that's made from science and care.

Applications & Uses

Innovative eco-friendly hygiene solutions for people and environment

Why Hygieia-San?

We can help you protect your people, your business and the environment – though in truth all those factors are often one and the same. Because in today’s sanitation environment your duty of care extends in many directions … and you need a partner who both realises that and who can act on it. 


At Hygieia-San we practice an approach that debunks the myth that human care and eco-friendly hygiene solutions come with compromised efficiency. And we apply this philosophy across our entire range, with innovative products suitable for any industry.


We think of it as working with both our “hearts” and our “heads” to create superior, safe, efficient real world solutions that save time and money without causing harm. 


Hygieia-San can boost your business’s all-important environmental credentials and your ability to protect customers and staff. It can improve your products – and the lives of animals – in addition to extending shelf life, production process and overall commercial efficiency.


100% biodegradable




no taste

safe and no-rinse

We can help you protect your business, and the planet

They say you can’t have an effective scientifically based disinfectant solution that’s kind to the planet. But they’re wrong.


You can. And here’s why. 


At Hygieia-San we combine cutting-edge hygienic science with care for the planet to create sanitation solutions that are good for the environment without compromising on globally proven efficacy. 


Hygieia-San’s multi-action formulation is a robust, highly effective broad-spectrum industrial-grade disinfectant, delivering the safest and most chemically stable hygiene products available, across almost all applications.


Its innovative technology allows it to disinfect water, air and all surfaces by killing viruses, bacteria, spores, moulds and fungi with a proven efficacy of 99.999%. 


Hygieia-San is the product of choice for providing quality, stable and safe drinking water suitable for humans and overall animal health. It also removes biofilms and thoroughly disinfects any area across all industries.


Our Products - 
The Huwa San Difference

Hygieia-San products are globally renowned products, tried and tested across most industries, and have been heavily researched and developed in lab and field test settings. Hygieia-San products meet the standards for disinfection. 


Our disinfectants are proven to be the fastest-acting environmentally friendly cleaning products on the market, having an efficacy of 99.999% in killing pathogenic microorganisms (or just pathogens). They are also proven to be one of the most stable products on the market, with effective biofilm removal and prevention.


It’s time to change from using disinfectants that are stabilised with harsh toxic chemicals and chloride-based that endanger our environment, to scientifically proven Hygieia-San eco safe effective disinfectants.


Supporting and using Hygieia-San products you are not only keeping our planet clean but you are keeping your business healthy.

Disinfection icon


Water Icon


Air icon



Reduce the use of harmful chemicals


Up to 1,000 times more effective than bleach/chlorine


Food and water safe and not harmful to our bodies


Destroys harmful biofilm quickly, preventing it from forming again


Can be diluted down to extremely low levels with no compromise on efficacy


Kind to the environment and eco-friendly


The Science of Care

Hygieia-San is your gateway to environmentally safe disinfectants for the Australian & New Zealand market.

Huwa-San is effective on all pathogens and is the fastest acting disinfectant available today. Safe and eco-friendly, it’s your non-harmful weapon of choice across a wide range of varied applications, industries and business sectors. 


We are all about harnessing the power of globally proven science to create a safer world in which your chosen hygiene regime is more effective and cost efficient. Moreover, we have many unique and innovative technologies that make this goal something you can use and benefit from today.


  • Safer water treatment

  • No smell, no taste, no corrosion

  • Removes and prevents biofilm

  • 100% Biodegradable

  • Eco-Friendly

  • Bactericidal

  • Virucidal

  • Sporicidal

  • Fungicidal

  • No ammonia

  • No phosphates

  • 100% biodegradable

  • Reusable, biodegradable packaging

  • Fast and efficient 

  • No-rise water savings

  • Save time and money

Protecting People and the Planet

Keeping people safe in the here-and-now makes sense, but the logic breaks down if your sanitation regime ends up causing harm at some later time. This is why we can help you reduce the use of harmful chemicals, replace chlorine when treating water and increase your overall efficiency by using less product at lower dosage rates. 


We can help you prevent recontamination for longer while remaining 100% biodegradable and totally non-toxic with a no-smell, no-taste, non-corrosive formula that doesn’t stain, cause skin irritation, damage clothing or leave behind a nasty residue. 

Ammonia and phosphate free, all Hygieia-San products are “food safe” and are approved for use with humans and animals.

People & Homes

Whether caring for your staff or your loved ones, everyone appreciates a choice that offers protection without introducing harmful chemicals and toxins. That’s why Hygieia-San is safe to use literally anywhere, including soft fabrics, technology, all hard surfaces and other highly trafficked, “high touch” places. Even our packaging breaks down easily, decreasing your footprint. 

Hygieia-San is so kind its even safe for asthmatics and for use around children and medical patients.

Protecting Animals

We all want to be kind to animals, but for sectors such as the livestock, equine and fishery industries that kindness and care can extend to a tangible increase in business success. 


Improvements in general hygiene and sanitation complement water and food purity, adding up to a disinfectant regime that protects your investment while opening new opportunities. 


For example, Hygieia-San allows you to replace harmful chlorine with a formula that’s up to 1000 more effective than a standard bleach and chlorine mix and that helps you be greener. It’s non-rinse, 100% biodegradable and allows you reuse water, which means increased recycling power. 


Another key factor is our ability to protect livestock and other animals by preventing reinfection and the return of harmful bacteria. That’s because Hygieia-San removes biofilm and completely disinfects animal houses, preventing cross-contaminations.

Orange Ring
Healthy people. 100% food safe disinfectants.


Food Safe

 ● No taste
(Safe for People and Animals)

● No smell
(Safe for Asthmatics)

● Non-rinse
Kills and prevents
(Pathogens, Bacterias & Viruses)

● Safe to use anywhere
(All Fabrics & Surfaces)

Complete Protection
Healthy environment. 100% eco-friendly biodegrable disinfectants.


100% biodegradable

 ● Reuse/recycle water
● Reduces the use of plastics
● Reusable and recyclable packaging
● Free of toxins
● "Green and Safe"
● Use on any surface
● Non-corrosive
● Fast acting, works in seconds
● Chlorine Free
● Phosphate Free
● Ammonia Free
● No-rinse, save water
● No need for the use of environmental waste

Healthy and thriving animals. 100% non toxic alcohol and chlorine free disinfectants


No chlorine or alcohol

 ● No taste
● No smell
● Safe and non-toxic
● Prevention of diseases is key to protesting your livestock

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